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Things you need to know 


Books under 50,000 words - £1.50 per 1k plus a credit in the book and a paperback copy 

Books over 50,000 words - £1.00 per 1k plus a credit in the book and a paperback copy 

Thesis or Dissertation - price on asking 

Turnaround time 

Depending on the length of your book this could be as short as 24hours but generally not longer than five days.  Lets discuss timescales though to make it work for both of us

Your needs 

 - UK and US text proofread, I've even read a book with French text

 - Yes, we are happy to read the first chapter, or sample of your choice, to ensure we are happy with each other's styles

 - We read EVERYTHING: Clean romance, LGBTQIA+, Fairy Tales, Omegaverse, Erotica, Kink.  If we come across something that we've never heard of before then you'll be the first to know.  Every day is a school day after all.  

 - We will happily share as many of your promo posts on our social media platforms after the read as you can push our way 

 - We can talk about your expectations of our read prior to you sending the document

When's good for you

Our book is always open, all you need to do is contact us and we'll fit you in according to your timescales, it's as simple as that. 

Where to send

We can be contacted via email at 


or via Facebook Messenger to 

 - Sarah Coppin 

or via Twitter to 

 - @manoreditingser

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