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Manor Editing Services 

Welcome to Manor Editing Services.  We love the written word and just want your words to be the best they can.  We're sure that you feel the same so let's work together to make the world of words a better place. 



Our Services


Each of you has an individual need so please treat my services as a general guide to what I can do for you.  Message me for details. 


Whether it's your first book or your fiftieth you'll get the same service from us for the same price as everyone else.


If you've spent the last half of your life in education and are finally ready to reach the finish line, the last thing you want is a thesis or dissertation with typos.

Other Writers 

Are you a social binge writer? A solicitor with a large document? A local restaurant with a takeaway menu? A business with a company prospectus?  Did you ever think of getting it proofread prior to having it printed or sent out?  


It's always nerve-wracking to trust a stranger with your baby. If you have written a book, your baby deserves the best and that is Sarah Coppin. Sarah is easy to work with and balances her tough love with real love - for the characters and your baby. I can't remember how many books Sarah has worked with me on, but there's another one coming her way shortly.
Kenna Shaw Reed
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